St. Ninians, Stonehouse 24/04/17

A good crowd came along to St Ninian’s Church in Stonehouse to hear the band tonight. The programme included:

  • My God and King
  • Joyful, joyful
  • Jubilo, Jubilo!
  • 007 Light
  • Motivation

The time for reflection included the euphonium solo Precious Jewels which was played by YP band leader Chris Shanks, some reflections from Band Sergeant David Kendall and concluded with the band playing Prelude On Lavenham.

As well as the euphonium solo from Chris, the following soloist were also featured:

  • Deputy songster leader Lynn Shanks played the flugel horm solo, Through It All
  • Cornet solo Follow the Flame by Alex Ramsay
  • Swiss Melodies was played as a Eb bass solo by Willie Young

Michelle Addie provided the open prayer, David Ferguson gave his personal testimony, and Deputy Bandmaster Melvyn Shanks closed the meeting in prayer.

Many thanks to everyone at St Ninian’s Church for the warm welcome we received. Thanks also to all who came along and supported us. We pray you were blessed and challenged by our message.

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