Celebration by BSAB

On this date 5 years ago (13 June 2015) the band provided an evening of music and worship at Kilbrinie SA to launch their 123rd anniversary celebrations.

Here’s a short extract from the report of the evening.

The highlights of the programme tonight were the flugel horn solo ‘Through It All’ which was played by Lynn Shanks, Alex Ramsay playing the cornet solo ‘Clear Skies’, the euphonium solo ‘The Better World’ played by Chris Shanks, and the band items ‘Call of the Gospel’ and the final piece of the night, ‘Celebration’.

The programme also featured a piano duet by Brian Allan and Amy McMillan and the ladies voices sang In This Very Room.

Kilbirnie Songsters supported the band this evening and contributed I’ve Been Changed and He Sought Me.

Here’s a recording of BSAB playing the final item of the night, Leslie Condon’s festival march ‘Celebration’.

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