29/05/2024 Wednesday devotions

To grow spiritually, we must ensure we spend quiet time in God’s presence, just as Jesus did.

But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.

Luke 5:16

God wants us to want to spend time in quietness with Him. We must not fit time with God in with our other activities. Instead we must set aside a specific time each day to spend quality time with God. We all have times each day when we’re at our best – for me I’m not a morning person, so may quiet time each day is later in the day.

It’s also good idea to have your quiet time with God in the same place each day. A place where you will not be interrupted or disturbed. A place where you can pray, read your bible, and listen to God – I often also listen to music as I find it can often help me focus my thoughts on God.

One of the songs I often use during my quiet time with God, is ‘In This Quiet Moment’.

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him.

Psalm 62:5

In this quiet moment, still, before your throne,
Conscious of your presence, knowing I am known,
In this quiet moment, set my spirit free,
In this quiet moment, make a better me.

I’d encourage you to make sure you spend quality quiet time in God’s presence, each day.

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