Wednesday devotions 28/10/2020

It may or may not be a surprise to you that in a recent study, it found that people in the UK say, “Thank you” on a daily basis, more than people in any other country, saying it on average five times each day. The study also mentioned that although, “Thank you”, is commonly said, it was said out of habit, rather than with real sincerity more than half the times.
We may say, “Thank you”, to one another more often than people in other countries, but I wonder, do we thank God for all he does for us, more than people in other countries?
In the last few days I’ve been talking about giving thanks to God, and saying, “Thank you” to everyone who does something for you. Saying “Thank you” isn’t just something that’s just randomly become something we should do, as in the bible there are examples of many saying thank you to God, as well as to each other.
Saying “Thank you”, isn’t just something we should do out of habit, as there are many examples in the bible of people thanking one another, and God. In fact in the bible we read of Jesus himself thanking God for hearing and answering his prayers.
Jesus gazed into heaven and said, “Father, thank you that you have heard my prayer, for you listen to every word I speak.” – John 11:41-42 (The passion translation)
Jesus knew how important it was important to thank God for all he does. So let’s follow Jesus’ example and make sure we say, “Thank you”, to God for all he has done, and continues to do for us, but most of all, thank Him for saving us.

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