Wednesday devotions 23/09/2020

They tell us that exercising is good for us – Whether it’s walking rather than driving, working out at the gym, playing a competitive sport, or some other form of exercise, we are told it’s good for both our physical and mental health.
Over these last few months, particularly during lockdown, many took advantage in their change of circumstances to exercise more, which I’m sure helped them get or keep fit, and helped their mental health as well.
Going for a walk to keep active and fit, is not the only walk we go on in our life. Sometimes in life when we go through difficult or stressful times, we can think because things are going against us that either
– We can get through it on or own; or
– God has deserted us, so we walk away from Him.
But if we think about that time from God’s perspective we’ll see that:
“God is at home: It is we who have gone for a walk” – Meister Eckhart
This is very true isn’t it – God never deserts any of us, but we can definitely be guilty of walking away from him when we think we can deal with life issues on our own.
When will we learn, that we should never go for a walk without God!

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