Visit of Birmingham Songsters 21-22/04/2018

What a fantastic weekend we have had with Birmingham Citadel Songsters. Throughout the weekend, the songsters showed they were filled with the Holy Spirit, and expressed their deep love for the Lord not just through their singing but through their words and also their personal testimonies.

This morning, the songsters challenged us to be authentic Christians 24/7. Our YP sections provided musical contributions to worship this morning, while the band accompanied the congregational singing and prepared us for worship by playing Holy Ground.

The hall was once again almost full, as we played Motivation as the songsters entered the hall for the final meeting of the weekend. We were treated to another wonderful selection of God inspired music from the songsters this afternoon.

Our own songsters contributed to the programme with Amazing God and then joined with Birmingham Songsters to sing God Of My Praise. The band played Immeasurable during the meeting and played On Parade for the timbrels, and also provided the accompaniment for the songsters for He’s Got The Whole World.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, and I’m sure all who heard this wonderful songster brigade, were greatly blessed by their ministry. Thank you Birmingham Songsters for sharing your love of God with us this weekend, it’s a weekend we at Bellshill won’t forget in a long time!

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  1. It was a fabulous weekend. Birmingham songsters were brilliant – so friendly but more importantly, such wonderful christians. Just such a shame the weekend went by so very quickly.
    I enjoyed the music from the band on the Sunday as well. As always, they played very well.

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