Ukraine: Vision of hope 2018

Three of our bandsmen and three other young people from our corps have travelled to Ukraine as part of the Ukraine: Vision of Hope 2018​ project. There are three separate projects going on at different locations. Here’s where our young folk are located and what they are doing:

  • Cameron Shanks​ is in Liviv working at the orphanage and kids club
  • Christopher Keane​, Amy Gemmell and Rebecca Gemmell​ are in Poroshkovo at the Romany Gypsy village helping at a kids club which has 130 kids!
  • Alex Ramsay​ and Luke Kendall​ are in Uhniv working on the old folks home renovation project. They are part of the team constructing a brand new kitchen in the home.

Please support them, and the rest of the Vision of Hope team in the coming days as they make a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

You can find some photos of our team in the 2018 photo gallery.

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