Thought from the band – Willie Young

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing testimonies and devotions from some of our band members.

Today we want to share another thought from Willie Young.

Last year, we were all engaged in a multiple programme of activities, many (perhaps most) involving events which were integral to the running of our community church. I am particularly thinking of the people who, week-in-week-out, commit to helping others in many different ways; a ministry that has far-reaching effects, the consequences of which often go far beyond the conversations one human being has with another. Even in “lock-down”, of course, this ministry continues in one form or another.

The Corps calendar has been largely dismantled and many of the “get-togethers” we all enjoy, such as Music for a Summer Evening, were abandoned for the remainder of the year.

As we are now, at long last, being introduced to a series of socially-integrating strategies, our hope is that at some point in the not-too-distant future, we can optimistically plan to rediscover the joy in meeting together for worship. That being so, other Corps activities should follow and the wheels of our church, and every other church, will find a way of driving forward the message of hope and reconciliation that Christianity stands for.

I, personally (and strictly from the band’s point of view), am looking forward to listening to the results of all the additional home-practise which all of my band colleagues have been doing!

No matter how we approach and manage the easing of our current restrictions, it seems like a good time to be thinking about change and renewal. The first day of Spring this year was 20th March. As you might expect, Spring takes its name from the act of “springing” or “appearing” and its ancient name “Springan” means just that, to “burst forth”.

The word “Spring” itself replaced an even older word, “Lent”, which is still used as part of the Christian calendar (the 40 days which lightened the way to Springtime) and the origin of the word “Lent” means “lengthening the days”.

So, right through Spring and early Summer, we have seen how the progress of light has changed the landscape, the days gradually lengthening into the month of June, that loveliest of months which knows no real darkness, the light never quite giving way to its eternal opposite.

Until the day arrives that we once-and-for-all cast off the constraints of “lock-down”, let us celebrate these days of light. Enjoy your gardens. Enjoy the moments you can spend with your families and friends. Enjoy your long walks, even in the late evenings when the light never dies. And, most of all, keep yourself aware of “The Light of the World” … that “true light which lights every man … the light that shines in the darkness.”

Willie Young

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