Thought from the band – Dorothy Neil

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing testimonies and devotions from some of our band members.
Today it’s my turn to share devotions with you again (Dorothy Neil).
Music has always been a big part of my life. When I was growing up my Dad’s job was a further education lecturer, but he also was a keen professional musician, playing trombone in many well known jazz and big bands of the time, arranging and composing music, as well as forming is own jazz/big band. So from a very young age I remember climbing up on the piano stood beside Dad as he tried out some arrangements/chords on the piano, or, as he liked to say, he ‘was de-composing’.
In additional, having been taken to the Salvation Army by my family from a very early age, music was always a big part of my life throughout my formative years. It’s therefore not a surprise that music plays a major part in my life, and especially in my Christian life – I have experienced how music can bring me closer to God, and God closer to me.
It should therefore should be no surprise that there are some pieces of music or songs which are very important to me.
One song that has been particularly special to me, is ‘Somebody Prayed For Me’. I always seem to hear this song just at the right time – when I feel alone, when I’m going through difficult times, when I can’t find words to pray – God reminds me that even
When the future looked hopeless and I’d given up,
When I had lost sight of my dreams
Somebody near, dried every tear,
Somebody prayed for me.
I know that even during some of my darkest days, there were people who prayed for me. Because of them, their support, and God never giving up on me, I’m still here, still serving God in the Salvation Army. Thank you.
Somebody went to the throne of heaven,
Somebody lifted my name.
Bringing me into His holy presence,
Saying what I could not say.
Somebody showed me the face of His mercy,
When darkness was all I could see.
Somebody pleaded the Blood of Jesus,
Somebody prayed for me.
Prayer does make a difference, and God does answer prayer.
Dorothy Neil

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