Symphony Sounds 2019

On Saturday 1 June 2019, the band took part in the main festival at Symphony Sounds at Symphony Hall, Birmingham. We considered it a huge privilege and honour to be asked to be part of the main festival, and were delighted to be able take our place on stage with the International Staff Band, the International Staff Songsters, the creative arts dancers and the massed singing companies.

The band provided items in both halves of the programme. In the first half we played Dean Goffin’s My Strength, My Tower.

The second half saw the band provide two individual items, the first the cornet and euphonium duet Time and Eternity (Bosanko) which featured Alex Ramsay (cornet) and Chris Shanks (euphonium). This was followed by the title track from our latest CD, Immeasurable (Blyth).

The finale of Symphony Sounds was performed by all the musical sections on the stage, and was a tribute to Major Joy Webb entitled Songs of Joy Webb.

Here’s an extract from the writeup of the evening by Music and Creative Arts – Scotland and Ireland Region:

Bellshill Salvation Army Band from West Scotland Division were also part of the main festival and were absolutely outstanding. Special mention must go to Bandmaster Yvonne Ferguson for the way in which she had prepared the band for this weekend, musically and spiritually and also to Alex Ramsay (cornet) and Chris Shanks (Euphonium) for outstanding contributions in ‘My Strength, My Tower’ and also the duet ‘Time and Eternity’. There was a beautiful stillness throughout the the auditorium as the audience held on to every bit of the last note in the piece.

We had a fantastic time at Symphony Sounds, and the band played superbly. A special mention must be made of soloist in Time and Eternity and My Strength, My Tower, Alex Ramsay (cornet) and Chris Shanks (euphonium), you played brilliantly. We are delighted with the very positive responses we have received to our music and our message. We hope as you watch the videos of our performances, you too will be blessed by our message.

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  1. I was at Symphony sounds and totally enjoyed listening to the band. The best section on the night you were awesome. Difficult pieces chosen for the night, but you guys played them expertly.
    Alex and Chris were brilliant as always.
    Well done Bellshill!

  2. Fantastic playing guys you did Scotland proud. You should be well proud of your bandmaster, she’s done a great job

  3. Superb! Last time i saw band was when Uan Dickie was bandmaster. But wow what a step up the band has taken since those days. Well done to your new bandmaster and all the band for all the hard work thats gone into every piece. Superb.

  4. Just listened to Songs Of Joy Webb Ho Dear, lumpy changes of rhythm and time, last percussion crash altogether one at a time? !!!

    I have some very happy memories of playing & working alongside Major Joy Webb at Sunbury court, also playing as part of the Drummers Fraternal with Joy’s farther Brigadier Burnell Webb. the largest event I took part in was 22 percussionist PLAYING TOGETHER.

  5. How many practices a week do you have as you were amazing at Symohiny Sounds.
    Yvonne you’ve taken this average corps band to a whole new level. Well done to you and everyone in the band.
    Wish I stayed closer to Bellshill so I could hear you play more often.
    God bless your ministry.

  6. Great sound guys. Symphony hall is a big place to fill but you cracked it.
    Was that 6 trombones and 5 basses I saw? No wonder the bass end of band sounded so good!
    Would have been good to see some multimedia with the music, but now I’m just being picky ha ha
    Great representation of SA corps banding.

    1. We usually use multimedia along with our music to enhance worship, however that wasn’t possible on this occasion.

  7. Band was fantastic on Saturday. Enjoyed your choice of music more than that of both Staff sections.if hadnt knownwho played whot would have thought it was Staff Band playing your items. Hope your down this way again soon sk I can hear you again

  8. Blessed by Time and eternety. The duetists were unbelievably good. I hope your corps trully appreciate what a great band they have.wonderful corps band

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