Morning meeting 17/11/2019

Our worship this morning was led by Commissioner Keith Banks. The theme for the meeting was ‘Rhythms of grace’. Commissioner Keith shared with us some of the blessings he received during his time as chaplain at Glasgow Airport. He told us to always speak to God about our dreams, because through God’s grace those dreams are achievable, as God’s grace is always sufficient for each one of us.

The band played Prelude on “Lavenham” (words by Nick Fawcett, arranged Geoffrey Nobes). Several years ago Geoffrey Nobes, former Bandmaster of Portsmouth Citadel Band, composed a tune to words by hymn writer Nick Fawcett. He dedicated this arrangement to the memory of his friend Bandmaster Derek Wilding of Lavenham Corps.

Lord, there are times when I have to ask, ‘What?’ –
times when your love is not easy to spot.
What is life’s purpose and what of me here?’
Grant me some answers, Lord, make your will clear.

Lord there are times when I have to ask ‘Why?’ –
Times when catastrophe gives faith the lie.
Innocents suffer and evil holds sway,
Grant me some answers, Lord, teach me your way.

​Lord, there are times when the questions run fast –
times when I fear that my faith may not last.
Help me, support me, Lord, help me get through.
Lead me through darkness till light shines anew.

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