Morning meeting 10/06/2018

It was our privilege this morning to share in the enrolment of Lewis McMillan senior soldier. Many of the songs and contributions from the sections were especially selected by Lewis.

To start worship, the band played the march Emblem of the Army. While we played the corps flag was marched into the hall, followed by Lewis and our commanding officers.

Major Chris performed Lewis’ enrolment as a senior soldier. As part of his enrolment Lewis shared his testimony and told how after attending Summer School last year, he realised he had to say sorry to God for ignoring him, and after God forgave him he knew this was a relationship he cared about and wanted to grow.

Lewis’ choice of piece for the band this morning was Dance Like David.

We were challenged by Major Chis this morning to ensure that we don’t ignore God when he’s talking to us, but instead listen as he speak to each of us individually.

The band closed the meeting by playing an arrangement of the song Shine.

Please join us in praying for Lewis in these coming days, as his continues to grow in his Christian experience.

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