Morning meeting 02/09/2018

The band shared the music associated with these words by John Gowans, as the call to worship this morning:

In this quiet moment, still, before your throne,
Conscious of your presence, knowing I am known,
In this quiet moment, set my spirit free,
In this quiet moment, make a better me.

We played Kenneth Downie‘s arrangement In The Love Of Jesus, as our contribution to this morning’s worship:

Like to a lamb who from the fold has strayed
Far on the mountain, of the dark afraid,
Seeking the shelter from the night’s alarm,
Longing for comfort of the shepherd’s arm,
So Jesus found me on sin’s mountain drear,
Gathered me close and banished all my fear.

In the Love of Jesus there is all I need,
While I follow closely where my Lord may lead;
By his grace forgiven,
In his presence blest,
In the love of Jesus,
In the love of Jesus, is perfect rest.

Our corps officers are on holiday, so our worship was led by Thomas Mathie today. Thomas reminded us that although we all fail Jesus many times, He forgives us. And challenged us to let the world see Christ through us, by shining our light in this dark world.

At the end of worship the band reminded us that to shine our light God must go with us, as we shared the song Lord, If Your Presence:

Lord, if your presence does not go with us,
Please do not send us up from here.
How will anyone know we are your people
Unless you go before us?

Lord, if your favour does not rest on us
We dare not move beyond this place,
How will anyone know we go in your name
Unless your blessing is over us?

So we stand within your presence,
And humbly seek your grace;
Father Almighty, Jehovah, Saviour,
We long to meet you face to face.
Let your glory fall upon us,
Convict, inspire, provide;
Father Almighty, Jehovah, Saviour,
Your holy presence is our guide.

Lord if your presence does not stay with us,
Please do not send us up from here.
How will anyone hear of truth and goodness
Unless your Word speaks through us?

Lord, if your presence is not love in us
How can we minister your grace?
How will anyone feel your tender mercy
Unless your heart is in us?

So we stand within your presence…

After worship we went to Wishaw General Hospital where we were able to spend some time sharing music with the staff, patients and visitors to the hospital in the main atrium.

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