Coventry city SA corps newsletter 17/05/2019

Last weekend we visited Coventry City Salvation Army to lead worship there. We were delighted to share in worship with the folks at there, and thank God for His presence, and the blessings received during the weekend.

In the Coventry City corps newsletter this week, Major Val wrote this lovely message about our time at Coventry:

What a great weekend we had with Bellshill Band. I love to hear a Salvation Army Band, but even if you’re not over keen on brass bands, their faith, the message, the fellowship and the God-given blessings were wonderful!
My verse for this morning, as I write, comes from Isaiah 55 v 12 ‘For you shall go out in joy, and be led back in peace; the mountains and the hills before you shall burst into song, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands’.
Well, the great 50+ strong March of witness was certainly carried out in joy! I didn’t see any trees clapping their hands but the people in the shops where we passed certainly were applauding 😊. And as we returned after sharing with the crowd God’s message through word and music, there really was a sense of peace (even with the robust march being played) God had been honoured and praised.
For me, I was shocked by my emotions as we led the March. I felt joy and pride, and smiled. But not long into the March I found myself overwhelmingly moved, tears flowed, thoughts of my dad came flooding my memory, he would have loved it! and I found myself praying ‘Lord, please touch peoples lives through what we do’
I thank God for the times of joy, peace and tender moments He uses to bless us, as we try to please Him.
Major Val.

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