CD launch festival 24/02/18

We shared in an excellent evening tonight at Bellshill, as a near capacity crowd gathered for the launch of the band’s new CD, Immeasurable. Thank you to everyone to came along to support our CD launch.

There were many highlights in the programme tonight, but our soloists, Alex Ramsay (cornet) and Chris Shanks (euphonium) definitely provided several of the standout items. Alex played the cornet solo Jubilance and Chris played the euphonium solo Euphony. Both were outstanding,showing their musical expertise in their solos, before combining to play Ivor Bosanko’s cornet and euphonium duet, Time and Eternity. There was no applause after this piece, not because no-one enjoyed it, but simply because the music had really touched the hearts and minds of everyone present.

One of the other highlights tonight was the band’s playing of Martin Cordner’s piece The Adventurers, which brought the first half of the programme to a conclusion.

Our guest for the evening was Bandmaster Andrew Blyth (Head of music editorial) from Peterborough Citadel. The title piece of our CD Immeasurable was written by Andrew, so we were delighted that not only was he able to join us tonight to lead the programme, but he also conducted the band as we played Immeasurable. Before we played this piece, Andrew reminded us all how great God’s love is and challenged each of us in the band, to give someone a copy of our CD and tell them what our favourite piece is, and why.

The other items from the CD that were included in the programme tonight were:

  • Call of the Gospel
  • Lift up your voice
  • I love You, Lord
  • Motivation
  • Hide me now
  • The prayer

As well as the musical items tonight, there were also interviews with band members Dayna Mathie and Allan Scott. These short interviews let us hear a little about the two in their spiritual journey, and also their experience of recording the CD, and their favourite piece on it.

As the evening drew to a close Andrew was presented with a gift from the band, as was our own bandmaster Yvonne Ferguson.

We thank Andrew for the gift of his music Immeasurable, and we thank Yvonne for her leadership of the band, not just in this CD recording but throughout her time so far as bandmaster.

We had an excellent evening of music, but were always reminded that God was at the centre of this CD recording. We may never know how far our CD may go, or the impact our music has on others, but we pray it will bring blessing as well as enjoyment to all to hear it.

If you’ve not already bought or ordered your CD, you can find details on our website or Facebook page on how to order your copy!

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