21/05/2022 Parkhead Salvation Army

Tonight the band provided a festival of music at Parkhead Salvation Army, to raise money to help the Salvation Army’s work in Ukraine. This was the first festival the band has given away from Bellshill since December 2019.

As the programme was to help raise monies for Ukraine, the band commenced the programme by playing the Ukrainian national anthem. Later in the programme, Christopher Keane and Cameron Shanks shared a little of their experiences in Ukraine, when they were there with Ukraine: Vision of Hope in 2018.

The band items tonight were.
• Be Still
• Triumphant Prospect
• Gigue – Alleluia, Amen!
• Shine
• Boundless Kingdom

The programme also featured several soloists.
• Alex Ramsay played the cornet solo ‘Glory to His Name’.
• Songster Leader Marjory Watson sang the vocal solo ‘Glory to His Name’.
• YPBL Chris Shanks played the euphonium solo ‘Locomotion’.

The reflective part of the programme started with a testimony from Allan Scott. This was followed by the band playing the Selection ‘King of Kings’. Then Assistant Band Sergeant Dorothy Neil shared some reflections before the band concluded our time of reflection by playing ‘And Can It Be?’.
The festival concluded with the band playing the festival march ‘Celebration’ during which our band flag and Parkhead Salvation Army’s flag were marched to the front of the hall.

Thank you also to everyone who came along to Parkhead tonight and supported the band. We hope you enjoyed the programme, and were blessed and challenged by our music. Thank you again for your generosity in helping raise £705 to help support Ukraine.

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