19/05/2022 Band practice devotions

Our band practice last week was on Thursday night. Our devotions that night were provided by Daniel McMillan. We’d like to share these with you today.

One word has been coming back to me again and again over the past few months, and that word is “commitment”.

I guess I’ve been thinking about this since the Promotion to Glory of Lieutenant Colonel Bessie Hamilton. It was something that my daughter Amy said. She said that Bessie had given her lifelong commitment to God serving Him as an officer in The Salvation Army, which of course is true for any officer. As a single officer she gave up her life to serve others. That got me thinking about my own commitment and how much I do for Him not only in The Salvation Army but for others, outside of the Army. Yes I have a commitment as a soldier in The Salvation Army and a commitment to the band but is that all I am willing to give?

The definition of the word commitment is “A pledge or obligation. The state of being emotionally or intellectually devoted, as to a belief, a course of action, or another person. This tied in exactly with my thought process. Being devoted to God and doing His will. Doing what He asks of me.

A song that has also been going through my mind for many months and I often find myself playing it whilst working from home, is the songster piece with these words:

I would be thy holy temple,
Sacred and in-dwelt by thee;
Naught then could stain my commission,
‘Tis thy divine charge to me.
Seeking to mirror thy glory,
Living to answer thy call,
Each faithful vow now renewing,
Gladly I yield thee my all.

Time, health and talents presenting,
All that I have shall be thine;
Heart mind and will consecrating,
No longer shall they be mine.
O for a heart of compassion,
Moved at the impulse of love,
Lost ones to bring to thy footstool,
Thy gracious riches to prove!

I dedicate myself to thee,
O master who has chosen me,
My every selfish aim denying,
I give my all on thee relying,
Take thou my life and use me as thou will
In deep submission, I dedicate myself to thee.

I pray that I would be and that we all would be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives to say yes to any calling that we feel God has on our lives but not to do anything from a feeling of duty but for a willingness to do Gods will.


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