05/06/2022 worship on Pentecost Sunday

Yesterday as we celebrated Pentecost, Major Miriam challenged us as we considered the meaning of these words, “To pray and actually mean ‘thy Kingdom come,’ we must also be able to say ‘my kingdom go.’” She also told us that God uses the Holy Spirit to renew our hearts and minds for the moment we first kneel before Him and are saved. The process must continue though, as God will reveal to us through His spirit the areas of our lives that need to be dealt with. We must then continue to deal with these areas of our lives, and then move on, so we can continue to grow in faith and holiness.

The message from the band today fitted perfectly for Pentecost, as we played ‘Fall Afresh’ by Daniel Iverson (arr. Andrew Mackereth) and is associated with these words.

Spirit of the living God,
Fall afresh on me.
Spirit of the living God,
Fall afresh on me.
Break me, melt me, mould me, fill me;
Spirit of the living God,
Fall afresh on me.

At the end of the meeting the band played the hymn tune ‘For the Mighty Moving of thy Spirit’.

For the mighty moving of thy Spirit
In our hearts and minds from day to day,
For the gentle soothing of thy Spirit,
When our fears had filled us with dismay:

We adore thee, heavenly Father,
And we thank thee, heavenly Father,
And we praise thee, heavenly Father,
As we pray.

For the kindly chiding of thy Spirit
When we thought to find an easier way,
For the gracious guiding of thy Spirit,
And the strength we needed to obey:

For the tender stirring of thy Spirit
Who recalled us when we went astray,
The persistent spurring of thy Spirit,
When we hesitated on the way:

If you want to watch this morning’s service, you can use this link to watch it on our corps YouTube channel:

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